Qualifications & Insurance

I qualified in 2016 as a Podiatrist. The degree course was a Bachelor of Science degree. So yes, I have letters after my name… BSc.

Proof!! Graduation in 2016

Why are you not called a Chiropodist people quite often ask?

Podiatrist is the new name for chiropodist which started being used way over 10 years ago. I often use chiropodist in some advertising as its more widely known.

How is a Podiatrist insured?

The Podiatrist is insured through either a professional body such as The College of Podiatry. This covers the podiatrist to work within their scope of practice. https://cop.org.uk/#

The Podiatrist has to remain registered with the HCPC (health care professionals council) like all Allied Health Professional. you can check if your practitioner is registered. https://www.hcpc-uk.org/