Routine Chiropody Clinic Visit £34

Nail care, corn and callus treatment and Verruca treatment and advice.

Home visit £40

Biomechanical Assessment from £65

This 60 minute appointment (time will vary) will aim to assess any painful areas that may arise from the way you walk, assessing joint mobility, muscle strengths and weaknesses.

Insoles with Assessment from £15

Insoles are a medical device which can help offload (take off the pressure) certain areas such as painful joints, or provide supports for the foots dynamic function. Not everyone needs orthoses and this is why an assessment is recommended.

Insoles will not be sold without an assessment.

Nail Surgery from £300

If regular treatment from a chiropodist/ podiatrist hasn’t been successful then nail surgery is an option. It isn’t always the last option people usually think.
Ingrowing toenails can be painful. Nail surgery is the only permanent solution. Usually leaving the nail pain free and with little chance of the painful side of the nail regrowing.

Price refers to 1 toe either partial or full nail removal and includes 2 further dressing appointments and a take home dressing pack.