Your feet and my advice

It’s true… You wouldn’t treat a toothache yourself? Would you?

If you’re experiencing pain in your feet I will obviously advice you to book an appointment. I cannot diagnose or treat a foot complaint over the phone or via pictures. But what can you do in the meantime? whilst waiting for an appointment if the pain hurts when you walk…. Then slow down. Stop walking for a while. Does it still hurt?

Have you tried some new shoes recently that could have caused this? Have you completed a 5 mile hike which has over worked your foot especially if you’re not used to it?

Your feet may prefer supportive shoes (with exception to certain conditions). Supportive means lace up shoes that hold your foot in place and not encourage the toes to curl to keep them on.

If it rubs then they don’t fit properly. Whether its toes or heels there’s some reason they are rubbing.

Buying comfortable Footwear

If your toes bash on your shoes then push your foot back before lacing often helps. It holds the foot back in the shoe and allows the toes to move more freely and reduces friction.

As with anything you wear one size doesn’t fit all.

For swollen feet and ankles are the preferred choice.