Qualifications & Insurance

I qualified in 2016 as a Podiatrist. The degree course was a Bachelor of Science degree. So yes, I have letters after my name… BSc.

Proof! 2016 In Salford

What does a degree mean anyway? It’s the level of knowledge. But, it doesn’t mean I’m a doctor.

Why are you not Called a Chiropodist I hear you ask?

I don’t know is the answer. the name was changed quite a few years ago and it has become the new name for Chiropodists.

Am I more qualified? I don’t know. I didn’t do the chiropody course, therefore I cannot comment. I do hear from experience the new degree covers alot of biomachanics. (analysis into the way we walk). But, has this always been this way? I don’t know actually. The courses change constantly.

How is a Podiatrist insured?

There’s 2 ways.

The Podiatrist is insured through either a professional body such as The College of Podiatry. This covers the podiatrist to work within their scope of practice.

The Podiatrist has to remain registered with the HCPC (health care professionals council) like all Allied Health Professionals. This is another way patients can complain if they need to.

Published by emilyhorrocks

Mummy of 2 children. Crazy Toddler who is 3 going on 33. Love, love my Job as a Podiatrist. Work 4 days clinic and Home Visit based.

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